Everyone is free to believe what they think is true. You’re welcome to come to the festival whatever your political or religious beliefs.

But we draw the line at fundamental religious belief (“our way the only way!”) and conspiracy theories (“we know the truth that they don’t want you to know!”).


For one thing, both religious fundamentalists and conspiracy theorists tend to be evangelical. We’re not here to convert people to our points of view. A conversation with someone whose only goal is to make you see the world as they do is a one-sided one.

For another, there’ just very little room for reasonable conversation with someone who will never change their minds regardless of the evidence they encounter. Within the worlds of science, philosophy and rational thought, people often vehemently disagree with one another and hold enormous differences of opinion. But they can still communicate because they more or less agree on what makes a reliable source of information, what the facts are, even if they interpret them differently.

That’s not the case with someone deeply rooted in conspiracy theories. For them, nothing can be trusted, every authority is corrupt, they alone know the truth.

And that;s simply not the kind of conversations we want to have at the festival 🙂