Practical Workshops

Practical Workshops

We’re here at the festival to talk about the mysteries of identity, the essence of who we are.

But how we talk, how we communicate, how we use our minds are also at the heart of what we’re here to do.

It;’s also true that how we say something is as important as what we say. You might have amazing insights but communication is mostly about the message received so we could all do with working on how well we communicate if we want to engage with others. So we’ll have workshops on things like storytelling and visual communication, looking at how do we get out points across in a way that others can hear.

And as we engage with these big topics, we’re also using the main tool at our disposal: our minds. And our minds are bundles of learned mechanisms, cognitive biases and so we’ll also have a look at how our own brains get in the way of us actually understanding things.

And we will also have some fun 🙂

We’ll have some playful activities involving the whole group to demonstrate the wisdom and folly of the crowd…