Staying in a medieval castle

The Festival of Big Ideas is held in a medieval castle an hour and a half away from Prague. The castle is over 700 years old and is nestled in a narrow valley surrounded by forest. Parts of the castle are still in ruins and walking around it takes you back hundreds of years.

It’s an ancient castle but it’s a comfortable place to stay, however, with heating, electricity, running water, showers and toilets. We’ll be sleeping in dormitories which have a total of 91 beds with shared bathrooms.

The castle attract some day trippers but they keep mostly to the main courtyard while our sessions will be in halls above and below, out in the tower gardens, in the chapel and the arboretum.

We’ll be eating vegan feasts in a stone cavern lit by candles and lanterns.

We’ll be listening to speeches in a chapel up on the hill with amazing acoustics.

We’ll be taking about everything under the sun in echoing stone castle corridors

.We’ll be dancing at night in castle gardens overlooking forest and river.

Come and join us!