What is the Festival of Big Ideas All About?

The Festival of Big Ideas is an event held over a long weekend in a castle where 100 people get to grips with a world of interesting ideas. We will create a non-adversarial atmosphere where we discuss rather than debate and seek how we can learn from each other’s point of view to enrich our perspective.

Rather than sit back and listen to talk after talk, you will have the chance to listen or read each speaker’s main ideas beforehand so that in the session itself they can lead participatory exercises and discussions to explore the themes on a deeper level.

We keep the numbers small so that we can create an intimate environment and the program will be balanced with mindfulness sessions in the morning so that we can keep a sense of calm even when our ideas are challenged.

And it doesn’t hurt that it’s set in a castle where the extraordinary location can help us come up with extraordinary ideas 🙂

We will provide all the food, you can stay in the castle itself and there will be live music and dancing at night to ensure that the festival is not entirely an out-of-body experience…