What’s included in the ticket price?

The workshops, the dormitory accommodation, the food, the tea and coffee.

Can I get a room to myself?

Only if you get one in a nearby town and drive in. At the castle it’s dormitory accommodation.

Can I come with a dog?

Sorry, no. At least not if you’re staying in the castle.

Can I come with kids?

It’s not really a kid-friendly event as we’re staying in dormitories and there are no activities for them.

Do I need a certain level of education to come?

No! Just a healthy curiosity and the capacity to change your own mind.

How do I get there?

Um, read the page called How to Get There?

Can I use my phone at the festival?

You can;t use your phone in the castle during the day. If you really need to you can walk to the forest to use it. Before the program starts and after it finishes each day it’s alright to check your messages. We’re there to be with each other, not the internet.

I’m vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free, can I eat the food?

The food will be mostly vegan and there will be gluten-free possibilities.