Our philosophy

Come and change your mind

Imagine spending 3 days in a castle with 75 interesting peopleĀ  having deep, multi-faceted discussions, listening to 5 minute talks on every subject under the sun, learning new skills about storytelling and communication and generally solving the mysteries and problems of the world…

The Festival of Big Ideas starts with the premise that while we rely upon experts for our knowledge of the world, thinking about what it means is something all of us can do. We all need to make sense of the world we live.

And rather than get stuck in polarised debates that go nowhere, we will approach discussions in a spirit of cooperation where disagreement is an opportunity for both parties to learn and grow.

Come and change your mind…

What happens at the Festival of Big Ideas?

Let's find out..

So...wanna come?

Reserve your place!

Your ticket includes the festival program, accommodation, food and tea.

The Festival of Big Ideas is a community-driven gathering of curious people and you’re welcome to get involved!

It’s a non-profit eventĀ  which will cost just 120 – 150 euros depending on your budget.

That covers:

  • your stay in a dormitory bed in the castle
  • all the vegan food
  • tea and coffee
  • festival program

If that sounds good to you and you’d like to join us then go ahead and reserve your place!

Did we mention...

The festival is held in a medieval castle!