The Festival of Big Ideas is all about learning and these are some of the workshops we’re currently considering;


How can you hold the attention of your audience?

How can you deliver your massage with presence and charisma?

We’ll be exploring the art of public speaking in this hands-on workshop.

The Art of Argument

There are no 2 people in the world who agree on everything.

And if we want to get our point across to others we have to be able to understand their point of view.

In this workshop we’ll explore how it feels to conduct debates where we defend positions we would normally attack.

Epistemology 101

How do we know anything at all to be true?

We’ll be looking at the basics of epistemology and the scientific method and examining some of the common fallacies in thought and how to avoid them.


Every morning there will be mindfulness sessions in the castle arboretum to give us more self-awareness as we discuss the various topics that will come up during our stay at the castle, some of which might trigger a heated response 🙂