Take away our food, our water, our daylight, but leave us our phones!

At the Festival of Big Ideas we will ask you to turn off your phones during the day. This is not because we think phones are evil or that the internet is bad, but simply because we’re coming together…to be together. You can catch up with your messages or whatever before the daily program begins and ends each morning and evening. And if there’s something important you can walk a hundred metres away from the castle into the forest to make a call or go online.

And what about that study you want to look up, that quote you want to find, that video that you want to show someone to get your point across?

At this festival you have to be able to communicate ideas in your words. Yes, some philosopher or writer might have put it really well but its your understanding that we’re interested in here. Perhaps you’d had a conversation like this before:

‘Oh right, epigenetics – but have you read Robert Sapolsky on that? No? Well, check out his work and then you’ll see what I mean…”

That just doesn’t fly here. We’re here to share what we (imperfectly) know, think and understand. We don’t need to look everything up on our phones to back up what we’re saying.

Hey, the entire history of humanity managed to get by just fine until about 10 years ago 🙂